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Stone Setts - Old and New

Stone Setts
New and Reclaimed Natural Stone Setts
Extremely durable
Beautiful old character

Natural colouring
Weathered and worn
Very versatile
Traditional materials
Cost effective

Whether you are paving a court yard, laying a drive way or placing feature stones in a garden stone setts or cobble stones are ideal for most applications.

As you can see above the character that stone setts can bring to your designs could not be achieved with any other product. Natural stone setts will weather and blend in to there surroundings.

Yorkstone setts will withstand a lot more wear and tear than the equivalent concrete products and the lovely, natural colouring can not be re created with imitation products.

Our range of stone setts includes new Yorkshire stone setts. New Indian stone setts and reclaimed Yorkshire stone setts.

New, Tumbled Yorkstone Setts

Tumbled Stone Setts

Bingley Stone cut and tumble new stone setts. The setts are uniform in thickness and uniform in width but the lengths vary. This is to achieve the natural and traditional look of coursed stone setts but more importantly our sizes will enable economical laying.

150mm x random

Available in 38mm or 50mm thick.

150mm wide and the lengths vary typically between about 100mm to 250mm to ensure a nice authentic, traditional look.

100mm x 100mm

Available in 38mm or 50mm thick.

100mm x 100mm
(Supplied - 81 per sq mtr)

Other sizes can be made to order.

Typical colour variations

This illustration is intended to show the colouring and an indication of the proportion of the mix of colours. As always with any natural stone there will be colour variations.
New, Natural Stone Setts
New, Dressed Natural Stone Setts

These hand cut and hand finished natural stone setts are extremely strong and hard wearing.

100mm x 100mm x (50mm nominal)

Hand dressed setts are dressed (cut with a hammer and chisel) from newly quarried natural stone. Available in either grey or brown the setts are cut to 100mm x 100mm squares and the thickness is approximately 50mm thick

Colour Options

Brown - Pictured above

Grey - click to see picture

This illustration is intended to show the colouring and an indication of the proportion of the mix of colours. As always with any natural stone there will be colour variations.

Yorkshire Stone Setts
Reclaimed Yorkstone Stone Setts

Olde worlde Yorkshire stone setts or cobblestones

Random Sized Reclaimed Yorkstone Setts

Yorkstone setts are a cost effective and practical natural stone for driveways, courtyards and pathways. Not to mention the charm and beauty that Natural stone beholds. Reclaimed Yorkshire stone setts provided a quality that is unmatched by concrete, tarmac or gravel solutions.

Yorkstone setts are random in size. What this means is that the length and width will vary and the depth will remain fairly constant. The widths usually vary between 100mm to 200mm (4" to 8") and the lengths will usually vary between about 200mm to 300mm (8" to 12") Usual practice is to lay the random setts in rows with similar widths (as seen in the picture above)

Please Note: Colours may vary due to your monitor & printer settings.

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